6 Cool Cold Weather Accessories to Winterize Your RV


Winterizing your RV for the season isn’t just about prepping water pipes and water tanks. Finding the right cold-weather accessories to bring along for the trip can make your winter experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are six cool winter weather accessories to help you get your RV ready for the winter. 

1. RV Skirt

An RV skirt is the best way to keep your pipes and water tanks from freezing. If you get freezing temperatures or snow in your winter camping zone, you need to install your RV skirt and create insulation that protects your tanks. 

2. Insulator Kits

This is an affordable and effective way to increase your RV value and keep it safe from freezing temperatures. Get a clear insulator kit to insulate all your windows. You can find insulator kits online or at your favorite RV store. If you want, you can even choose tinted films to protect you from sunlight while driving. 

3. Space Heaters

You don’t need to commit to major installations. Bring some portable space heaters with you to keep the inside of your RV warm and cozy during the winter. You can also find USB-battery ones to bring them outside with you while you enjoy some time outdoors. 

4. RV Antifreeze Fluids

Of course, no RV winterizing article could be complete without mentioning anti-freeze fluids. Although they’re not technically an accessory, they’re certainly a must-have for the winter. Antifreeze fluid will protect your water tanks and pipes from freezing when the temperature outside plummets. 

5. AC & Vent Covers

Vents and fans are very susceptible to freezing during the winter. Keep them protected with AC and vent covers that will keep snow as far away from your systems as possible. After all, your ventilation systems need to stay open during the winter; this will help reduce humidity and moisture that can lead to freezing in your trailer. 

6. Heated Hose

Last but not least, a heated water hose is the ultimate winterizing accessory you can get. A heated water hose will maintain its temperature and prevent it from freezing. This way, no matter how chilly it gets outside, you can wash your RV without worrying about freezing water and pipes. 

There are so many winterizing accessories you can get for your RV. It all depends on what you need. Think heated blankets, fleece jackets, and other accessories to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. 


Geraldine Orentas is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with pet mobility specialists, Walkin’ Pets.


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