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According to the RV Association, wholesale shipments of RVs increased 11% between June of 2019 and June of 2020. This statistic suggests that contrary to other travel trends that have been hindered by Covid restrictions, RVing has boomed as a means of getting away from the confines of home during the pandemic. In fact, one Los Angeles RV manufacturer, Happier Camper, reported a nearly 200% increase in orders over the course of the Covid crisis.

If you’re one of those who have jumped on the band . . . well . . . RV, you can learn from the wisdom of the road warriors who have gone before you as to what is essential, comfortable, or just darn nice to have when you travel. With that in mind, we offer some cool accessories that make RV life better and sometimes are more necessary than you might think.

Outdoor Fun

While RVing is about comfortable travel, it’s also about getting into the outdoors. Here are some accessories that can make the world just outside your RV more fun:

  • A tabletop grill: A gas powered compact grill can offer additional cooking space in the great outdoors and keeps the mess and heat out of your RV living space. For the environmentally conscious, you can even find solar units.
  • A screen porch tent: Nothing is nicer than sitting in a cool breeze or beneath the stars, but remote locations can mean annoying insects. Give yourself the space to sit in shade and away from biting pests by having a collapsible screen tent on hand.
  • Camp chairs: You’ll need, of course, a comfy place to sit in your screen tent, so be sure to have lightweight, collapsible chairs on hand to set out for your next RV outing.
  • A large outdoor mat: RVers swear by mats that can be placed just outside the entrance of their vehicle as a space for kids to play without getting dirty and as a way to keep dirt, dust, and debris out of your living space.
  • A gas fire pit: While many sites offer the option of a wood fire, a compact gas fire pit gives you the option of warmth and ambiance under the stars without carrying the smell of woodsmoke back into your RV. They are also great options where wood is unavailable or where wood fires are not permitted.

Outdoor Convenience

Some things make life more enjoyable, while others just make it easier. Here are some cool gadgets that offer you convenience:

  • A telescopic extension ladder: This compact device can extend so that you can access your roof, the top of a slide out, windows, and more.
  • A collapsible, portable garbage can: In remote areas where there may not be a garbage can or when big gatherings give you more refuse, these easy-to-store and lightweight devices are good to have around.
  • Portable solar panels: If you like being off the grid, you can use these panels to provide power where electrical hookups are unavailable, with the added benefit that they are moveable so you can park in the shade but place your panels in the sun where they need to be.
  • Collapsible tub: Inevitably, the great outdoors presents great messes and when your muddy or dusty, it’s great to have an outdoor place to rinse feet, shoes, or to dump soiled clothes.
  • Small folding table: a compact and foldable table can give you an extra place to set drinks or to eat outside, but can also be used inside to provide an extra cooking surface.


RVers face challenges that other travelers don’t by transporting the contents and devices of a home on wheels. And because campsite utilities may vary as well, there are gadgets you can buy to help keep your RV in good working condition and safe from damage:

  • Double fridge bars: these spring loaded bars can be used in refrigerators or in cabinets to help hold contents in place when the vehicle is moving.
  • Water pressure regulator: Water pressures can vary from campsite to campsite and unexpected high pressure can damage your system. This small attachment can prevent such damage from occurring.
  • Light blocking curtains: These are a must for the sleeper who likes things pitch black, but they also keep your interior space from heating up under intense sun thus saving you money on your AC costs.
  • Heated drinking hose: If you travel in winter and/or in cold areas, you might encounter problems with freezes. This drinking hose has a heating element that keeps water from freezing in cold weather.
  • Over the door organizers: with space at a premium in your RV, organizers that hang over your doors can offer much needed storage for your kitchen, sleeping area, and more.


In the age of accessibility, everyone looks for the best electronic gadgets to give them the convenience of access and the predictability of safety:

  • Cell signal and web signal boosters: If you travel often or even live in your RV, you may need to connect in remote places, particularly if you work online. Boosters provide the signal you need for online access wherever you are.
  • RV specific GPS: These wonderful devices allow you to enter the dimensions of your vehicle so that the mapped route it provides ensures you can safely pass and that you don’t get stuck somewhere where your vehicle won’t fit.
  • Handheld radios: These come in handy when you’re communicating with a fellow traveler who is helping you back into a space or when you are in an area with no cell service.
  • Satellite communication device: For those who travel off the grid, a satellite device offers you the assurance of being in contact in the most remote areas when accidents happen.
  • Backup camera: If your RV doesn’t come equipped with one, these will save you a lot of stress when backing into sites or when changing lanes on the highway.


Ivan Young is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with designer silverware wholesaler, Silver Superstore.

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