Importance of RV Maintenance

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Whether you only use your RV for seasonal trips or live in an RV full-time, your RV is your home when you’re riding it. Keeping up with proper maintenance and service not only saves you money, but it keeps everyone riding the RV safe and protected from a potential road accident. The more you care for your recreational vehicle, the more years of happiness the more memory-making moment it will give in return. Keep reading for some RV maintenance tips and why it’s essential to keep up with service appointments. 

1. Save Money Down the Line

When you schedule preventative service and maintenance appointments, you can see any red flags of any pieces or systems that need some repairing. For example, before hitting the road, checking the tire pressure can save you money. Not only does tire pressure affect fuel efficiency, but getting a flat tire on the road can disrupt your trip’s budget. 

Changing your oil, for example, can help you save hundreds of dollars if you’re planning on taking a long-distance trip. Not to mention, when you have the time to seek a service professional, you’ll save money instead of checking into the closest repair shop you see on the road. 

2. Keeps Your Safe

Perhaps the most critical reason for RV maintenance is safety. Before any trip, checking tire pressure is so important. If a tire loses air pressure, it can increase friction, which could cause tire blowouts. If your brakes are glitchy, they can fail on a sharp curve. Steering fluid, transmission fluid and grease, engine components, and battery are all items that require constant maintenance. 

While there are no statistics that specify the number of accidents resulting from poor maintenance, it’s one of those common senses moments. Your RV goes through a lot and endures a lot on your vacation time. Keep up with care to ensure all its components are running at total capacity. 

3. Extend the Life of Your RV

Unlike your car, an RV isn’t something you change every other year. Ideally, you want it to last as long as possible, and they do have a long lifespan when treated right. Don’t let your vehicle break down sooner because you neglected maintenance. Prolong your investment and your RV by scheduling at least a maintenance session per year. Regular maintenance can help you catch any problems early on so you can take care of them before they break down your vehicle. 

RV Maintenance Tips to Remember

Your RV has so many components, much more than your car. It’s important to remember all the different pieces and aspects to pay attention to during regular maintenance. Here are some of the most important RV maintenance points to remember:

  • Check the roof seals and seams
  • Don’t forget to tighten the wheel lug nuts and check tire pressure
  • Check the RV’s batteries
  • Keep the wastewater system in good condition
  • Check the brakes and keep them maintained
  • Clean all the slide outs and seals
  • Change the oil
  • Replace the air, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic filters
  • Maintain the RV’s awning
  • Inspect the electrical connections to your tow vehicle to make sure they’re working

Keep a checklist of everything you need to inspect and check before hitting the road to care for your vehicle and give it a long life. 


Geraldine Orentas is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with fencing and event rental supplier, Viking Fence.

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