Top 3 RV Add-On You Must Have

These are the top three RV Add-Ons American Family RV recommends when purchasing an RV.

  1. Electric Tongue Jack. This is easy.  The 12 volt power source sits right there next to the tongue jack. Why crank when you can push a button to raise and lower the RV?  They don’t cost very much ($100 - $300) depending on what features you want. Labor is only ½ hour when done by American Family RV. See the attached pictures of a standard jack and electric jack.

                          electric rv power lift tongue jack

  1. Max-Air Vent Covers. In almost all RVs there are 14” square holes covered with a ventilation vent. They are generally crank-up vents with a light plastic lid. If you open the vent to get some air flow going (a really good idea in an RV) and go shopping and it rains while you’re gone, you will have water to clean up inside your RV.  Also, the standard vent lid degrades quickly under the forces of the sun’s UV rays.  The Max-Air vent cover is made of a much more robust UV-resistant plastic and mounts over the standard vent on the rooftop.  It is engineered to allow round the clock, weather-proof ventilation of the RV which enables the RV owner to better control air quality, preventing unwanted invasion of things like mold, mildew, and odors.  See the attached pictures.


           max air rv vent cover

  1. The 3rd item is slide toppers. If you don’t have slide toppers, then everything that falls out of the sky (pine straw, pine cones, twigs, branches, rain, snow, sleet, debris and frisbees) lands on your slide roof.  Then, after your camping trip, you bring the slide in (usually in the rain).  A twig breaches the seal between the slide roof and the wiper seal and the water enters your RV (noticed or unnoticed).  It’s worse if you live in your RV and you never bring the slide in.  The debris just accumulates and you make mulch on your slide roof. The expectation is that someone is getting on a ladder and sweeping off the roof before you energize the slide circuit.  Slide toppers prevent 99% of this problem. They catch the debris and eject it.  It never makes it to the wiper seals.  It prevents costly water entry and protects your investment.  They don’t cost that much and takes about two hours each to install.  There are a few slide-outs nowadays that can’t accommodate a slide topper.  Those are the ones that have the refrigerator installed in the slide-out and the refrigerator vents prevent bracket installation.  See the attached pics.        

rv slide toppers


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